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Wed Apr 2 13:47:39 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

From: "apollyon" <apo11yon at hotmail.com>

> A friend and I were discussing the non-winnable nature of PvP MMOs
> currently on the market or soon to be released.  DAoC, Shadowbane,
> SWG, they all have a strong PvP element but none are truly
> winnable.

There is a game called Shattered Galaxy that places the player in
control of a team of units ala StarCraft and in a faction on a
planet. On the face of the planet the factions fight over land area
at some point some faction wins the war, and will advance to the
next planet (bracket), the worst faction would go down a
planet. During these wars you earn points to buy rare items to equip
your units with, and the entire game is RPG based with your player
have different traits which affects the units and techs you can use.

That was the idea, I never got into it enough to see most of
this. And due to a low subscriber base it was delayed for a long
time. You need a certain number of people playing to make their
planet tier system work. Also of note, this is another Korean import
like Lineage, popular over there, not here.

There are also some character regeneration things you can do once
you reach the maximum level.

You can get a free trial, so you could certainly check it out for

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