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> A friend and I were discussing the non-winnable nature of PvP MMOs
> currently on the market or soon to be released.  DAoC, Shadowbane,
> SWG, they all have a strong PvP element but none are truly
> winnable.  The games are specifically designed such that the
> conflict will continue unendingly until they just fade away into
> obscurity as players abandon them for the next great game.
> Anarchy Online comes close with its prefabricated story spanning a
> discrete timeline at the end of which they will determine who
> wins, but there is no game out there (at least that I've heard of)
> that actually leaves the fate of that game up to the players.

Well in Shadowbane you can not only defeat your enemy, but destroy
their cities and assets and force them into shame and beggary in the
meanest hovels of outlying areas called ruins. I personally thought
that was a good definition of winning. The only thing we forgot was
the lamentation of the women.

But I could be wrong.

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