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On Sat, 10 Feb 2001 18:18:16 -0800 (PST)
"Joe O'Connor" <joconnor at sequoianet.com> wrote:

> I don't know your feelings on this, but I'm pretty stout about
> mine, having been the 3rd imp on that system (after Vryce and
> Highlander)... They have an area that I wrote in the game, no
> credit given to me, and wouldn't answer any of my e-mails about
> it... Who was best quoted for saying something about the best
> geniuses steal their ideas?

Sorry pal, you're lieing. I don't know who you are but I AM Michael
Smith, aka Highlander and the ORIGINAL IMP of Medievia. When I
brought Mike on board to do the coding for Medievia, the only other
GOD we put on staff was Tony Rowley (aka Balor), other gods were
added but no other IMPS were added during MY time with the mud. I do
not know your name at all. Care to tell me who you are?

<EdNote: Please resolve this off-list.  Fully.  I'll willing to post
a summary once that's done.>

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