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Thu Apr 3 12:47:01 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

From: "Chris Mancil" <cmancil at ubi.com>

> Well in Shadowbane you can not only defeat your enemy, but destroy
> their cities and assets and force them into shame and beggary in
> the meanest hovels of outlying areas called ruins. I personally
> thought that was a good definition of winning. The only thing we
> forgot was the lamentation of the women.
> But I could be wrong.

You can't touch the bank accounts/mules, though.  Any large guild
will have considerable wealth amassed in these boxes and will be
able to rebuild entire cities fairly quickly.

"Winning" implies a finite event/discrete point in time at which the
measurement is taken..otherwise you're just "ahead" in the game.


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