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kat-Zygfryd 6667 at wp.pl
Fri Apr 4 00:06:14 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

Wednesday, April 2, 2003, 4:32:03 PM, Edward G. wrote:

> The real question is, every time you start a new game, will it be
> sufficiently challenging and enjoyable for returning players who
> have essentially had all their property and skills taken from
> them?

I can only suggest looking at the Red Dragon 2 game, which is a
turn-based fantasy MMO-strategy. The game is won by completing a
particular building, it takes an averange of 120 days for someone to
win the game.  One game cycle is called an era. After the end of an
era everything is deleted and you start building from scratch. There
are many players who continue participating in the game for numerous
eras.  Moreover, to play "in the league" you need to have at least
several eras on your accout (not due to rules, but due to gaming
skills). The game's as fun the first time, as the third (can't tell
anything more from own experience).


RD2 servers:

http://www.rd2.cz (paid)
http://rd.cenega.pl (free)
(english version are availible)

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