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Sun Apr 6 12:12:24 New Zealand Standard Time 2003

On 2 Apr 2003, at 16:00, Chris Mancil wrote:

> Well in Shadowbane you can not only defeat your enemy, but destroy
> their cities and assets and force them into shame and beggary in
> the meanest hovels of outlying areas called ruins. I personally
> thought that was a good definition of winning. The only thing we
> forgot was the lamentation of the women.

In Shadowbane, you can also be charged $15 to preorder the game a
month before release, and then 2 weeks later have the release date
pushed back 6 months. That generally causes lamentation of men,
women, and busy credit card companies handling reverses.

Also, considering Shadowbane has only been out 1-2 weeks, I'm not
sure it can serve as an example for anything game design-wise. It is
more a case study in vapor ware tactics and deceptive marketing.

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