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Tue Apr 8 20:10:22 New Zealand Standard Time 2003

On Sat, 5 Apr 2003, Paul Schwanz wrote:

> OK, but why create a fantasy MMORPG that closely mimics levels,
> hit points, armor class, etc. in the first place?  I'd sooner
> closely mimic what I imagine to be real regarding advancing or
> gaining power, recieving wounds, and wearing protective armor in a
> virtual fantasy world.  In my opinion, D&D doesn't do such a good
> job in this regard, so why would I want to mimic it?

Chances are that if you have a new way to represent the universe,
someone wrote an RPG not far off from that idea. D&D is just one out
of thousands of different `takes' on all these concepts for
representing the emulation of a universe in a game format. Sure,
look at D&D (any edition), but don't pass up skill based games with
tons of ways to represent any kind of combat or character
progression you can think of. Some RPGs don't even use dice. There
are more types of P&P based RPGs than there are MMORPGs. And many
P&P systems have some great ideas about balance, character growth,
wealth, etc. Wether you like to play them or not, reading them is an
invaluable asset, IMO. Heck, I own many RPG systems I know I'll
never play. Each had a `hook' that made me want to read up on it and
see what made it tick.

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