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Wed Apr 9 01:09:31 New Zealand Standard Time 2003

On 6 Apr 2003, at 18:56, Rudy Fink wrote:
> szii at sziisoft.com wrote:

> The bulk of people I've seen quit/retire from EQ have done so out
> of being tired/bored with the game.  When asked their hesitation
> about starting a new game has largely been either "I am burnt out;
> why would I do this again" or "nothing out there holds my
> interest".

Those two statements are exactly why there hasn't been a true "EQ
Killer", as you mentioned.

First, too many games think they can churn out the same level
treadmill based game. It is my opinion that people are willing and
able to endure a traditional MMORPG level treadmill once (twice
max). After that, if all a game offers them is another level
treadmill, they just aren't interested.

Second, most of the recent crop of MMORPGs just aren't very
good. Earth & Beyond, WWII Online, Motor City Online, Asheron's Call
2, were all bombs. Motor City has already announced they are going
under. I would imagine some or all of the others in that list won't
be far behind. All they have to offer is better graphics, and that
just doesn't cut it. Why leave a game you enjoy for an inferior game
where you have to start over from scratch?

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