[MUD-Dev] D&D vs. MMORPG "complexity"

Boyle Boyle
Wed Apr 9 13:19:03 New Zealand Standard Time 2003

From: Ryan S. Dancey [mailto:ryand at organizedplay.com] 

> I think you'd be surprised at the size and complexity of the
> economic model that underlies the current version of the D&D
> rules, and the size and complexity of the demographic model that
> the economic model is based on as well.

Telling us the price of chickens and boats does not an economic
model make.

I'm shocked that you consider D&D a 'complex' economic and political

There are plenty of both P&P games, like, say Aria, that not only
out do it, but show that the economic & political model of D&D, at
least, that exposed in the 3 core books, is nonexistent.

Frankly, D&D's economics in real world terms are unplayable.
Considering that an average 10nth level adventurercould easily go
out and feed a small village or two with a night's monster bashing,
and there is no mention of a supply or demand curve (in fact, one is
implicitly non-existant)

Now, a GM can add all that...  but it's not 'part of the game' and
most GM's will ignore it because it makes the game unweildly and

To put it bluntly, I could 'make' an MMORPG that consisted of a chat
room and a dice roller, mail people my Pen and Paper rules (or tell
them to go buy the supplemental material of choice) and call it the
'ultimate reality simulator' ... with the text "only applicable with
incredibly talented GM" in really tiny letters, and start making all
the claims you are making about D&D.  Noone is going to pay $10 a
month for it though.

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