[MUD-Dev] A Founding Father Forgotten

Ryan Arthur mud-dev at millsys.com
Wed Apr 9 16:39:06 New Zealand Standard Time 2003

Paul Schwanz:
> Thomas Tomiczek:

>> Making a simple formula (taking two dice) way more complex
>> (rewquiring a calculator) does NOT make a better system in
>> itself.

Creating a complex formulae such as those used in MMOG's does make a
better system, in that the system is then based more on skill and in
some cases history, rather than the luck of two dice.

> I say I 'think' and I 'believe' because in fact I haven't learned
> the basics of P7P RPGs.  Nonetheless, I'm pretty sure that I can
> avoid the 'crap' systems of EQ, DAoC, et al.  I believe this
> mostly because I feel they rely much too heavily on loot and level
> treadmills.  And I believe this is quite possibly a direct result
> of trying to mimic D&D systems instead of mimicing real life.

This analysis would hold true for EQ's level progression in that to
reach L2 you'd require about 1000xp, and then about double that for
L3 and so on.  There are slight adjustments regarding race I
believe. But overall EQ's system does closely follow D&D.


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