[MUD-Dev] pluggable MMOGs

ceo ceo at grexengine.com
Mon Apr 14 12:10:57 New Zealand Standard Time 2003

Lee Sheldon wrote:
> From: ceo

>> Is anyone working on / thought about an MMOG based upon pluggable
>> sub-games?

> Disney's Virtual Kingdom (a project far more ambitious than

Is (was) this related to Kingdom Hearts, out of interest?

> Finally, all of the licenses needed to fit -stylistically- into a
> coherent and consistent world.


> It was a fascinating project to work on though with people very
> willing to think outside the box.  The only drawback at the time
> was that content was limited by the young Disney demographic.  But
> I still think many of the ideas we played around with would work
> fine in MMOs for us older folks.

Smile. Yet-another-cautious-corporate-cancellation (YACCC)? (well,
people already use such unwieldy acronyms as MMMMPOG*, so why not? 
;) ).

Is there any chance the project might get resurrected? Are you free
to re-use some of the innovative stuff elsewhere (i.e. depends upon
what precisely you were innovating)?

Adam M

*MMMMPOG = Mobile Massively Multiplayer Multi-platform Online Game,
a phrase I've heard used in conversation, albeit not too seriously

Personally, I'm increasingly tempted towards the long-ago suggested
"GMUD and TMUD" (graphical and textual, respectively), although
problems of not being understood hold me back - MMOG is one of those
few key words that 90%-ignorant people seem to recognise (wonder how
many random marketing people/mobile-phone companies/etc would grok
anything without MM*G in it?). Note, this is just random
musing/rhetorical questions, not intended to start another MUD vs
MU* vs MOG etc debate...<ducks and runs for cover>

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