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Thu Apr 17 20:46:57 New Zealand Standard Time 2003

On 13 Apr 2003, at 14:12, Damion Schubert wrote:

> I'm a big fan of any system which incentivizes people for
> 'breaking patterns' - i.e. trying new stuff and exploring new
> places.  If you don't, you'll end up with players finding the most
> efficient camp for their level and never leaving until it ceases
> to be efficient.

I agree.

Dark Age of Camelot made an effort in this direction with their
"camp bonuses." The problem was that it was not user/group
dependent. Thus, if one group camped an area for a long time, the
camp bonus was gone no matter who fought there. I'd consider that a
step in the right direction, but the needed destination has not yet
been reached.

In Threshold, the last 100 kills a player participates in is kept
track of. Whenever they participate in a kill, various xp factors
are applied based on how many of that exact same NPC are in their
last 100, as well as how many of the last 100 are in the same
general category. It doesn't prevent camping, but it is definitely a
disincentive, or more importantly an incentive to move around.

Another possible way to reduce camping is to have long "respawn"
times. If it takes 30-60 minutes for something to respawn, you won't
have people camping it for long. Of course, this means you need a
LOT of areas for people to fight in if things respawn this slowly.

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