[MUD-Dev] Male and female brains

Koster Koster
Mon Apr 21 21:39:44 New Zealand Standard Time 2003

There's an article to be found here:


discussing how male and female brains tend to have different
attributes on average--more males tend to have "systematizing
brains" and more females tend to have "empathizing brains." Along
with the article, there's a couple of tests to assess the
"systematizing quotient" and the "empathizing quotient" of your

I personally scored as a "type B" brain, meaning that I had a
balanced quotient--fairly high in both, actually (52 and 43).

Now, as it happens, I've also been playing a socializer-heavy online
world recently, one with no combat abilities. And I am playing a
female avatar in this world, something which has been my habit for
years now.  Almost all the friends I have made there are female. As
is fairly typical, I've been sexually harassed already, fairly
crudely, and when there is misbehavior in the game, it's generally
assumed that the perpetrator is a younger male.

I wonder:

  -- would we find a correlation between type E or B brains in males
  and their preference for female avatars?

  -- would we find a correlation between typical behavior patterns
  in online worlds and brain type?  -- say, Nick Yee's facets study?
  http://www.nickyee.com/facets/home.html -- or the Bartle Quotient?

  -- would we find, I wonder, in research, that male brains tend to
  shift from S brains to B brains as they age? There's evidence for
  this shift in playstyles among male players, according to Nick

  -- would we find that designers in general, and perhaps of online
  worlds in particular, tend to have B brains?


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