[MUD-Dev] Male and female brains

Richard A. Bartle richard at mud.co.uk
Wed Apr 23 11:54:50 New Zealand Standard Time 2003

On 22nd April, Raph Koster wrote:

> I personally scored as a "type B" brain, meaning that I had a
> balanced quotient--fairly high in both, actually (52 and 43).

I scored B (I didn't note the individual scores, sorry), but I
wasn't happy with the questionnaire. Then again, I rarely am...  The
SQ one in particular got me annoyed with its glaring "I have a
'right' answer" questions and its very general assumptions. I found
myself sorely tempted to answer dishonestly at times, in the
knowledge that a true answer would lead to a false conclusion
because the question-setter didn't know why I'd answered the way I
did. Still, I guess overall such problems balance out.

I'd like to discover why questions that seem to measure interest in
a subject are used to suggest that an individual has an ability in
it. A high interest in analysing and exploring a system isn't the
same as a high ability to do it.

Oh well.

>   -- would we find a correlation between type E or B brains in
>   males and their preference for female avatars?

I tend to play female characters long-term and male characters
short-term, but my reasons for doing so are little to do with my
preferences and more to do with why I'm playing the character in the
first place.

>   -- would we find that designers in general, and perhaps of
>   online worlds in particular, tend to have B brains?

What could we conclude if we did?


PS: Simon Baron-Cohen, who set the questionnaire, is rumoured to be
a relative of Ali G (played by Sacha Baron-Cohen).


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