[MUD-Dev] Male and female brains

Patricia Pizer ppizer at videotron.ca
Thu Apr 24 09:05:56 New Zealand Standard Time 2003

From: Richard A. Bartle
> On 22nd April, Raph Koster wrote:

>> I personally scored as a "type B" brain, meaning that I had a
>> balanced quotient--fairly high in both, actually (52 and 43).

> I scored B (I didn't note the individual scores, sorry), but I
> wasn't happy with the questionnaire. Then again, I rarely am...
> The SQ one in particular got me annoyed with its glaring "I have a
> 'right' answer" questions and its very general assumptions. I
> found myself sorely tempted to answer dishonestly at times, in the
> knowledge that a true answer would lead to a false conclusion
> because the question-setter didn't know why I'd answered the way I
> did. Still, I guess overall such problems balance out.

So here's another spin: I'm a female player and designer. Are my
findings significant?

Like Raph & Richard, I scored a high B. I have virtually never
player a male character. Many players rarely believe I'm actually
female as, well, you know.

Like Richard, I found myself fairly frustrated by many of the
questions as my reasoning was not part of the scoring. This has been
a perennial problem in IQ tests for many years. There is also the
bias of how people view themselves (and may selectively recall how
others respond to their actions) as opposed to how others view
them. For a rule-of-thumb estimate of how people "are," however,
this is not a bad yardstick.

I have an uncanny feeling that solid designers of PSWs probably fall
into the B bin more often than not. Why? Because, as the type of
people who embrace and pursue an immensely interdisciplinary type of
game, they are the same people who are generally well rounded in the
human relations/analytical scales.

Always happy to throw in an outlying data point-


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