[MUD-Dev] D&D vs. MMORPG "complexity"

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Fri Apr 25 04:32:56 New Zealand Standard Time 2003

From: "Talanithus HTML" <talanithus at mindspring.com>
> The next step, in my opinion, lies in Dev Houses letting go of
> those chains, and instead of spending their time and energy in
> creating fiction or content to appease a relative minority of
> their playerbase, to instead create the tools for those players to
> create their OWN content.  By embracing the lessons that PnP has
> taught us, MMORPGs can move beyond the limitations of manpower by
> harnessing the players themselves to produce and build the world
> about them.

> It's done in pieces now, but nowhere has it been completely
> embraced.  Well, perhaps in some MUDs, but not MMORPGs.

We've been doing that in Furcadia for over 6 years now.  It's our
main focus.  :X)

Anybody who's curious, we have a baker's dozen of "Quest Dream
Contest Entries" up for another week in our "Challenges" map.
Including "Furcadiana Jones", a treasure hunt inspired by & modeled
on the old Lucasfilm Games "Indiana Jones Desktop Adventures"
game...  "Taz's Quest For Turkey", where players turn into a cartoon
tasmanian devil, complete with the crazy spin power, and try to get
to the "Turkey Surprise" at the end (which explosed quite nicely, of
course)...  A mystery set at the north pole with a time limit to
solve it, and more.  After the spring festival is over, we'll be
replacing the easter egg hunt dream with the clones of Atomic and
Pipedream that one of our players has made...  And "Bomberfurre",
the Bomberman clone another player created still remains popular.

We need a PR and marketing guy.  I do a little of it, but with 10
other jobs to do, I can't give it much time (and I'm no expert at it
in any case!)

Our current estimated playerbase is around 40,000, just for the
record.  So I think we qualify as "massive".

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