[MUD-Dev] New to MUD Dev, need friendly advice!

David Clifton dmc0301 at mail.widener.edu
Fri Apr 25 09:47:55 New Zealand Standard Time 2003

While I can't really advocate this particular resource in its
entirety, since it is not complete, I did notice that gamedev.net
has a new set of articles running on developing a basic MUD
engine. The programming is all on the Windows side, and I believe
largely based on the code of a gentleman who frequents this list
often. The first article of the series was just placed on the main
feature page a little while back, but has recently cycled off I
believe. Here's an address which I presume should work:

There are a few other relevant articles for beginners under their
multiplayer and networking section there, and certainly a host of
useful resources for networking on gamasutra. I'm currently in the
same position you are, so can certainly understand your dilemma. I'm
particularly looking forward to responses to your questions from the
more accomplished programmers on the list.

David Clifton

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