[MUD-Dev] New to MUD Dev, need friendly advice!

Sean Kelly sean at ffwd.cx
Fri Apr 25 12:35:42 New Zealand Standard Time 2003

On Wed, 16 Apr 2003, Lance Rotten wrote:

>   1. Connections - What is the best method for accepting multiple
>   connections? Ive heard individual threads are an awful idea, and
>   that thread pools are a better idea. But I know there must be a
>   much better way to do this. Say I want to have 1000 people
>   connected at once ( I know this isnt likely to happen, but im
>   building this to gain knowledge and experience), what would be
>   the best method to handle that many connections via sockets?

The optimal implementation actually varies depending on platform,
but the underlying tech is the same -- kernel-level signalling.  On
Windows, it's IOCP (completion ports) and Linux introduced something
similar with (I think) version 2.4 of their kernel -- I'd give you
the name of it but I'm less familiar with Linux and don't have the
documentation in front of me.  Basically, both methods are a highly
efficient form of select() that has no maximum limit on the number
of events that can be queued.  IOCP takes this a step further by
automatically integrating thread pools.

>   2. Any advice for someone completely new to building a MUD
>   Engine would be great. Good tutorials, groups etc. I am using
>   this as a vehicle to upgrade my programming skills, so even the
>   most basic tutorials are great. I cant seem to find one good one
>   that encapsulates everything involved.

Check the archives for this list.  This topic has come up quite a
few times before and a lot of good advice has been given.


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