[MUD-Dev] New to MUD Dev, need friendly advice!

Norman Morse nmorse at sega.com
Mon Apr 28 10:43:31 New Zealand Standard Time 2003

From: Sean Kelly

> The optimal implementation actually varies depending on platform,
> but the underlying tech is the same -- kernel-level signalling.
> On Windows, it's IOCP (completion ports) and Linux introduced
> something similar with (I think) version 2.4 of their kernel --
> I'd give you the name of it but I'm less familiar with Linux and
> don't have the documentation in front of me.  Basically, both
> methods are a highly efficient form of select() that has no
> maximum limit on the number of events that can be queued.  IOCP
> takes this a step further by automatically integrating thread
> pools.

Having recently done some investigation of scalable socket based
servers, I suggest that you check out /dev/epoll (available in
recent linux's) or /dev/poll in solaris.

These are actually operating system drivers which are intended to
replace the posix select() mechanism with something more scalable.

For sample code, you could look at the wpjabber server on the
jabber.org site.

It's not MUD code, but most of the networking principles are the


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