[MUD-Dev] New to MUD Dev, need friendly advice!

Mike Shaver shaver at off.net
Wed Apr 30 11:03:00 New Zealand Standard Time 2003

On Apr 29, Matthew D. Fuller wrote:

>> is likely the winning approach, because the cost of the
>> fork/thread_create will be below the noise floor.
> In terms of creation, of course.  In terms of usage, not so much;
> a few thousand processes or a few thousand threads are all going
> to have troubles.  You've got a bunch of contention domains for
> any shared data, you've got all the gritty details of OS-level
> scheduling dealing with so many entities, resource usage, yada
> yada.

The app-level stuff can every much be a headache, depending on how
your contention domains are laid out.

But a thousand threads isn't necessarily the bugaboo it used to be,
in terms of kernel-side resources:



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