[MUD-Dev] Who Killed Miss Norway?

Michael Montague mikem at tarix.net
Thu May 1 17:14:06 New Zealand Standard Time 2003

From: Matt Mihaly

> Feel free to flame me for this (I'm on vacation in europe for 
> a couple weeks anyway and am in a good mood) but did as many 
> people take that hoax seriously as people say?
> I've seen at least three or four almost identical situations 
> going as far back as 1992 and up to the terrorist attacks of 
> september 11th, along with numerous "suicides" and other such 
> nonsense, and I know most of the long-time mudders have too.

There's a lot of people that believe in the general good of people.
I've been in communities where the faked female was backed up with a
real voice on the phone and even a few public appearances.  It's
amazing how easy it is for the ruse to continue for years once
you've spoken to someone on the phone.

Also, sometimes people are who they say they are.  A memorable
example for me is Trent Reznor's posts on Prodigy. He was
immediately flamed off for being a fake. :)

With the popularity of EverQuest we've already seen a few baseball
players get addicted.  Maybe it's a little too early to have beauty
queens, but inevitably that day will come.  The gaming audience is
growing and even people that may seem to good to be true will need
an escape from real life!
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