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sanxion sanxion sanxion2002 at yahoo.com
Fri May 2 07:21:50 New Zealand Standard Time 2003

I have been pondering upon the flow of messages that
are handled on the server when something occurs. Lets
say a player gives another player items. This
generates a bunch of information for example: 

  1. Text relevant to all players in the room:
     Player X1 gives Y to Player X2.

  2. Text relevant to the giver:
     Player X2’s hands are full.

  3. Text relevant to the receiver:
     Player X1 tries to give you Y, but your hands are full.

  4. Events sent to npc:s:
     Event(Player X1, give, Y, Player X2)

Up to now I have used a model that resembles sending e-mail. I set a
1) content-type, 2) content, and 3) add a number of
receivers. Receivers can be clients, npc:s, special scripts, or
loggers. Content-types can be text or events. Each receiver parses
the message in the way they were designed to. A npc might perform an
action, loggers would log text to a file, a client send a message to
the buffer etc. etc.

I have come to the understanding that most muds process messages in
the same function/method. This seems fairly inflexible to me. Anyone
agree or disagree? Is the model I’m using something to extend upon
or are there better solutions? Perhaps someone could give me a
breakdown of what they use and if I’m out hiking?

By the way this is a Java hobby mud. 

Looking for guidance and expertise,

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