[MUD-Dev] Who Killed Miss Norway?

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Thu May 8 22:27:12 New Zealand Standard Time 2003

I've been lurking for some time on this list, so with trepidation...

From: Gubbs
> From: "F. Randall Farmer" <randy.farmer at pobox.com>

>> I have always found it rather annoying that people seem to want
>> to celebrate/perpetuate RL relationships in RP games.

I guess I'd really like to deny most of the distinction here. A RP
relationship is a RL relationship, at least in so much as the
emotions that one feels in RP land are very much as real as in
RL. What's more I'm not sure that the 'role' that I play in my work
life is any less a fiction than the one that I might play in any
given virtual environment. Moreover while the ostensible purpose of
a RP game is as a game, it's defiantly the case, and I think validly
the case, that at least some people see RP games as social, art or
political spaces, I think these reading are inescapable given the
type of 'spaces' that they are (in terms of type and range of
possible action and communication etc) and the way that humans
are. Lastly, if a goals are created that require more than one
player-character then the trust relationship that build up seem
bound to generate the extra-game social effects we see.


As a quick intro: My main area of research is the rights that we
should accord to online instantiations of self i.e. avatars, e.g.
player-characters; I come at this from a philosophical perspective
and am currently looking at applying Kant's relationship between
autonomy, freedom and the moral self and wondering to what degree my
avatar is me, and to what degree it needs to be to be morally
significant.  I also write about the ethics of games \ virtual
environments, and wonder a lot about what cheating and whether it
has moral content.
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