[MUD-Dev] UDP vs TCP for MUD/MMORPG project.

Crosbie Fitch crosbie at cyberspaceengineers.org
Sun May 11 16:54:02 New Zealand Standard Time 2003

From: Jason Slaughter

> Hello, I am working on my own MUD/MMORPG type project. Game play
> will be similiar to a mud, however it will use it's own client so
> that it can include a GUI, graphics, etc.

> Is this true??? Is UDP really that big of a problem? It seems like
> scare-mongering to me, or that people are just so used to TCP that
> they don't know any different... but my technical knowledge of the
> subject isn't great (I am doing this as a learning project), so I
> could be totally wrong. I would greatly appreciate people's
> advice!

Abstract the characteristics of as many communications protocols as
you have time for (don't forget variations and hybrids). Implement a
few of them (the easy ones). Upon that glorious day in the future
when you need to optimise, install performance monitoring to
correlate measurement of each protocol's real characteristics. At
run-time continuously ensure that the protocol most closely meeting
your application's required characteristics is the one currently
selected. Probe alternate protocols in the background (catering for
interdependencies/interference). Don't thrash though. And remember,
one of the protocols is incommunicado - don't forget to detect it,
or when other protocols appear very similar to it.

You may then discover that in some circumstances TCP or even HTTP or
e-mail may meet requirements better than UDP.

Where do your priorities lie?

Build the frigging game, and don't get waylaid by the blinking

But, if you realise it is the protocols that you're really
interested in, check out JXTA and VRTP - and no doubt many, many

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