[MUD-Dev] Customization in games, as a design tool / gameplay element

ceo ceo at grexengine.com
Mon May 12 10:34:16 New Zealand Standard Time 2003

What I find interesting in this area is the the extent to which
"five different aspects of your character, with five choices for
each" feels more or less "customizable" than "3000 subtly unique
characters to choose from" (FYI: 5 to the 5 is 3125).



  "Customization in Games

  I have to confess that, in contemplating a new computer, I've been
  tempted to get one of those custom cases with a window in the side
  panel and blue lights illuminating the interior. It's silly, I
  know. But, man, would that ever look cool glowing when the lights
  are out!

  The entire concept of customization is an interesting
  phenomenon. It's why we all wear different clothing, get new
  haircuts and tattoos, and put spoilers on our Hondas and chrome on
  our Harleys. Games have been including customization features for
  years. This article explores the concept of user-customization and
  its implications as a design element."

Adam M

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