[MUD-Dev] D&D vs. MMORPG "complexity"

David Kennerly kennerly at sfsu.edu
Mon May 12 11:49:57 New Zealand Standard Time 2003

Travis Casey wrote:

> I understand that Phoenix Command, a modern-day-era RPG from the
> same people who wrote Sword's Path: Glory takes the same combat
> system and extends it to modern weapons, but I've never seen it
> myself.

I only played Phoenix Command once about ten years ago.  I
remembered a d1000 hit location table that spanned several pages,
specific damage effects, and--basically--roundless combat timing.
It progressed by tenths of a second, with each action taking some
number of these tenths of a second.  For example: changing from
prone to standing stance.  A few seconds of firefight game-time
became an hour of real-time.

It was intense on tables and formulas:


And acronyms:


If you're really interested, here's a more detailed report of how a
Phoenix Command combat can go:


A fan said that Phoenix Command was only a conflict resolution
system, not a full role-playing game.


Has anyone played a more complex pencil and paper RPG?  Or "conflict
resolution system"?  I'm just curious as a game designer; I don't
want to resolve how my left eyeball was struck by a glancing blow
from the thirty-fourth fragment of a hand grenade.


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