[MUD-Dev] UDP vs TCP for MUD/MMORPG project.

Evan Cortens cortense at shaw.ca
Mon May 12 21:10:06 New Zealand Standard Time 2003

Jason Slaughter wrote:

> Is this true??? Is UDP really that big of a problem? It seems like
> scare-mongering to me, or that people are just so used to TCP that
> they don't know any different... but my technical knowledge of the
> subject isn't great (I am doing this as a learning project), so I
> could be totally wrong. I would greatly appreciate people's advice!

You might want to check out the following article:


(registration is required, afaik, but it's free, and well worth it)

While it's actually more about database design, there is a fairly
good couple of paragraphs concerning TCP vs. UDP


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