[MUD-Dev] Warrior Challenge on PBS

Madrona Tree madronatree at hotmail.com
Tue May 13 21:39:33 New Zealand Standard Time 2003

Is anybody on the list watching Warrior Challenge on PBS?  I'm
finding it terribly interesting.  There has been some discussion on
the list about how physics really are for knights, and this show
does show some of that.  The premise is that they are taking 21st
century men (usually firemen/policemen) and having them live and
train like different types of warriors.  Reality TV - PBS style.

Last week was Roman Soldiers, this week is Knights.  There are still
two episodes left, on consecutive Tuesdays.  However, knowing PBS,
the series will likely be repeated soon.

The URL, if anyone is interested, is this:


Madrona Tree.
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