[MUD-Dev] Warrior Challenge on PBS

Edward Glowacki glowack2 at msu.edu
Thu May 15 08:52:10 New Zealand Standard Time 2003

On Wed, 2003-05-14 at 00:39, Madrona Tree wrote:

> Is anybody on the list watching Warrior Challenge on PBS?  I'm
> finding it terribly interesting.  There has been some discussion
> on the list about how physics really are for knights, and this
> show does show some of that.  The premise is that they are taking
> 21st century men (usually firemen/policemen) and having them live
> and train like different types of warriors.  Reality TV - PBS
> style.

I watched the Roman soldier one and have the knights waiting on TiVo
for me to find some time.  Looks to be a very interesting little
series, very similar to "Conquest" on the History Channel (which is
hosted by the very cool Peter Woodward).  I think Conquest did one
on Hollywood fighting a while back, showing the difference between
the big screen and reality, which parallels how games work, i.e. you
want something entertaining, not something realistic.

Both are good series if you have the time (and the channels) to
watch them.

Edward Glowacki
glowack2 at msu.edu

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