[MUD-Dev] D&D vs. MMORPG "complexity"

shren shren at io.com
Sun May 18 04:12:08 New Zealand Standard Time 2003

On Thu, 8 May 2003, Marian Griffith wrote:

> A couple of simple solutions that come to mind:
> Ignore the whole 'superior equipment' issue.  A level 50 character
> is better with a sword not because the sword is better but because
> the character is. That means a level 1 character can buy or sell a
> sword from a level 50.

Consider this - when a 'magic sword' drops, generate 50 bonuses or
powers that it can have, and make one active per level.  So if I'm a
5th level character, and I find a sword, I only get access to (and
can only see) the first 5 bonuses on it.  The first 5 bonuses might
be really bad and the other 45 might be really bad (and thus the
weapon is junk.)  The first 5 might be great and the rest so-so - in
which case it's a perfect weapon for me.  Or I might find a weapon
that is a wonderful weapon at level 50, because all of the bonuses
add up nicely for some class or skillset.  It's still not
overpowering for me to have such a thing, however, because I can
only access 1/10th of the item's potential.

Under this system, there could be useful economic trade between
characters of wildly different levels, because all magic weapons are
of approximately equal power.  A first level character could find a
weapon that has potential to be a legend - not that he'd know, of
course, or be able to tap it's power.  But he could find and trade
it, or save it.

> Do away with most of the 'loot'. Monsters do not drop equipment or
> money unless they first stole it. Any value that enters the system
> must first be created by the players.  No handy infinite supply of
> weapons and gold, but a real reason to be a crafter. This would at
> least remove the worst inflation from games, and make players that
> more appreciative of their economic skills.

Imagine a custom algorithm that has a monster give away half it's
loot to another monster if that monster has no loot.  You'd see your
precious treasure spread across the realm.  One monster would have
your excalibur and another would have your socks.

The whole industry seems to be shifting away from EQ loss on death,
but it's a neat idea.

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