[MUD-Dev] D&D and MMORPGs

Jason Murdick osiris at arkansas.net
Fri May 23 11:46:19 New Zealand Standard Time 2003

Peter Tyson wrote:
> Michael Tresca wrote:

>> I guess that means that BioWare's license has run out?  Frankly,
>> this is too bad.

> More likely Bioware didn't secure the rights to do a D&D MMORPG
> and they have been sold on.

Bioware has a considerable number of projects on their plate
already...  Knights of the Old Republic, 2 Neverwinter Nights
expansions, a new company they spawned off called CodeBaby, and two
console games they have yet to announce much about. Plus, a MMORPG
requires a signinficant level of monetary and time committment both
in terms of development and continuity.  Probably not something they
are ready to commit to yet.

- William Murdick

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