[MUD-Dev] Horizons

SamuraiCat at Catacombs SamuraiCat at Catacombs
Fri May 23 13:32:28 New Zealand Standard Time 2003

Matt Mihaley:

>   a) Ensure that 99% of those models are never seen by other
>   players (since they will be crap).

>   b) Ensure that 99% of the models players WANT to create are not
>   allowed into the game (imagine the constant client updates).

Could easily do that with quotas. One new model per player per
(insert time period here). And then have GM approval of the models
part of the process. Putting a limit on how many models can be added
per time period means fewer models that need to go through the
approval process, i.e. less GM time spent on new model approvals,
and also means no big floods of new models into the pile, i.e. less
data that each client has to download and add to the locally-stored

They could also make it so that certain criteria have to be met to
get the priviledge of uploading a model - a certain quest completed,
etc etc.

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