[MUD-Dev] TECH: Application-level branch prediction?

ceo ceo at grexengine.com
Fri May 23 13:47:02 New Zealand Standard Time 2003

Does anyone know of any systems which - at the application level -
use branch-prediction techniques to pre-cache responses to
"expected" app-queries? I've got a niggling suspicion that I've seen
some, and I'm sure it's been done lots of times, but I can't
remember any examples :(.

FYI, I'm trying to summarize and collate info on the various
different caching techniques that are appropriate in a
network-server. Only things that are written at the
application-developer level...I'm writing a guide to implementing
game-servers for large numbers of players, spanning the "large MUD
to small MMORPG" strata. Intended audience is mostly mainstream
game-developers - so the level of knowledge/experience about
many-client server implementation is perhaps less than most MUD
developers...most mainstream game developers I know haven't ever
built servers that handled more than a hundred odd simultaneous

I'm trying to give the audience the core expertise (knowledge +
understanding + anecdotes) to make them competent at doing it
themselves :). This involves a lot of collating of standard
techniques, and then trying to explain the underlying trends - so
that a reader probably ends up not being able to write a server
straight away, but able to make informed decisions about which
technologies they're going to use, and WHY. Given a feature they've
never heard of before (say, epoll), they ideally should be able to
read the docs and quickly be able to compare it to the techniques
they now know.

Adam M

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