[MUD-Dev] Thoughts on a simplified multiplayer game.

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Coincidently, I have recently begun developing a very similar MUD
system with its own graphical client (more info available at


if you're interested). I feel like I'm in a good position to offer
some advice, as I have considered many of your ideas for myself.

On Tue, 2003-05-20 at 19:23, Jason Slaughter wrote:

> Each room specifies a graphic file (maybe from URL) and a set of
> coordinates. For example, you might specify for the town square
> map "www.mygame.com/town_map.jpg:124,53"... for the nearby docks
> "www.mygame.com/town_map.jpg:96:91". For a secret room underneath
> the sewer, you might use a different graphic file, like
> "www.mygame.com/town_map_sewers:124,53". The client simply loads
> the graphic from the web site (or cache), and centers the graphic
> on the coordinates, and perhaps puts some kind of "you are here"
> crosshairs or icon there. The map doesn't need to be just a simple
> line map. It could be a very detailed and attractive 3D rendered
> graphic, it could be a very attractive and stylized hand-painted
> map.

I would not recommend this as you describe it here. Assuming you
have many rooms in each area, downloading a unique graphic for each
would be horribly inefficient IMHO. A more viable approach may be to
have a graphic for a large collection of rooms and provide some sort
of pointer to show the player where he/she is. Perhaps this is what
you meant?

My approach is the good ol'fashioned 2D tileset - i.e. having 15
small images for each room type (one for each combination of
exits). The images are not downloaded, they are included with the
client binary file.

The 'simplicity' design goal is an admirable one, and many of my
favourite games are the simplest ones. However, bear in mind if you
make things too simple they may lack individuality. For example,
without scripting how are your NPCs going to interact with the
player? Hardcoded? It could become quickly boring hacking away at
generic mob #82873. I prefer my world to be more vivid and
interesting, with each character (or group of characters) having a
distinct personality.

Also, if you're going to take the customised client route, think
about how you can maximise this advantage. Remember you are not as
restricted as other MUDs.  The only limit is your imagination, as
they say.

As for the UDP vs TCP debate, I can only recommend 'if it ain't
broke, don't fix it'.

Good luck,
Kevin Mahoney.

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