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Sun May 25 20:00:29 New Zealand Standard Time 2003

On 22 May 2003, at 11:29, shren wrote:

> Has anyone seen anything they were really impressed with in the
> NWN PW commuity?  I haven't been looking all that hard, but what I
> have seen was pretty unappealing.

I very excited for NWN but ended up extremely disappointed. At one
point I was even one of NWN Vault's official staff reviewers, but
later retired because the majority of things created were such drek.

Last month, I decided to give NWN another shot just in case I had
sold it short. I posted a few messages on usenet and on the big fan
sites to get an idea which modules, modifications, etc. were
considered the best representations of what could be done.

I spent 1-2 weeks trying them out quite extensively.

The one I ended up enjoying the most was a Diablo 1 total

After about 30 minutes of playing it, however, I realized that the
only reason it was fun was the Diablo nostaliga factor, and that
Diablo 1 was actually a much more enjoyable gameplay experience.

Sad, really.

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