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On Sun, 25 May 2003, Threshold RPG wrote:
> On 22 May 2003, at 11:29, shren wrote:

>> Has anyone seen anything they were really impressed with in the
>> NWN PW commuity?  I haven't been looking all that hard, but what
>> I have seen was pretty unappealing.

> I very excited for NWN but ended up extremely disappointed. At one
> point I was even one of NWN Vault's official staff reviewers, but
> later retired because the majority of things created were such
> drek.

Well I have had a great exeperiance with the NWN PW community. Now
it could be because I run a server (Tales of Taliesin, in the RP
room or just direct connect to captaincursor.com) but it is probably
true that most servers out there are pretty bad. But most people out
there are not game designers and unless you do a lot of work. Also a
lot of the people who come to play are from the diablo style play,
so for those looking for roleplaying tend to get put off by them.

When the game system works it works great. Now weather this is
because of anything done in the bioware gameplay or if it's just a
function of having small, closeknit communities who all know each
other I can't say. The basic fact is that most people who are
setting up servers are not the best gamedesigners or collaboartive
storytellers. Most arn't even the best at making balenced,
challenging encounters. But by having a mini-world in a box it opens
up the ability to make a semi-persistant world to a whole lot of
people who wouldn't have been able to do this before.

This means a lot more drek, most people are not the best
artists. But it also allows for the occasional gems and lets people
experiment in this arena because most of the technically hard parts
have been done for them.  I think that NWN has been a tremendous
success. I can't wait though for the next version (by bioware or
someone else) in the genre.

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