[MUD-Dev] Simpsons player types

Matt Mihaly the_logos at achaea.com
Fri May 30 06:17:52 New Zealand Standard Time 2003

This made me chuckle. EGM has out-done Bartle's suits of players by
categorizing players according to one of 6 Simpsons characters.

  Flanders "Nice Guy"
    - Will be your pal and share treasure and money. Great to play

  Mr. Burns "Greedy"
    - Grabs all the rewards for himself, even if he doesn't need

  Fat guy at comic shop "Loser"
    - Actually roleplays and demands that you stay in
    character. [Direct flames to EGM, not me!]

  The 'Ha ha' kid "Aggro"
    - Is just there to bother you. Voice chat is his deadliest

  Barney "Wasteoid"
    - Can't playithout first getting f'ed up. Funny yet sad.

  Marge "Motherly"
    - Takes care of mags better than real-life pets. Fears


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