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From: "Ben Chambers" <bjchamb at bellsouth.net>
> From: "Brian Lindahl" <lindahlb at hotmail.com>
>> From: sanxion sanxion <sanxion2002 at yahoo.mom>

>> This model allows for extreme flexibility in interpretation of
>> actions presented in the game world and lends itself well to
>> modularity and unique response patterns. Considering that I am
>> using this model in a object-oriented language (C++), I use
>> virtual functions to create the API necessary for event
>> passage. It is then up to the body, brain, and environment,
>> itself, to use the events to their own discretion.

> Those ideas are extremely interesting.  Do you use threads to
> handle all the passing of messages, or does the handler for each
> event take care of propagating itself and calling the handler
> methods on all related events?

Events don't have handlers. They just have information. The bodies
contain the in (brain) / out (environment) handlers. These handlers
take events that are placed on the body for passage and morph them
into useable data and execute on the data. Since events are
decoupled to bodies, each body vies for control over a thread from a
pool to take care of all of its events. I'm not sure if I answered
your question, but thats how the process works. I'd anticipate that
is considered to be the method you described first "threads to
handle the passing of messages." If you need clarification, perhaps
state the problem differently? And I'll see if I can answer it
properly then.

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