[MUD-Dev] MMO Launch issues ruining potential segments of the market.

Jeff Fuller jfuller at originmail.com
Fri Jun 20 11:09:05 New Zealand Standard Time 2003

[Luca Girardo]

> Interesting is the fact that in your list you miss the "Asheron's
> call 2" failure. AC2 seemed to have all the good qualities to
> become a hit, a talented development team with a large amount of
> experience based on AC1. An innovative product based on an
> evolution of AC1. Good graphic, no large disaster at release (even
> if it is interesting to note the strange release strategy
> preventing customers from different countries to buy/subscribe the
> game). And the result? Based on daily population numbers, I would
> say the total number of subscribers could be between 14k and
> 25k. What went wrong?  @And what can we learn from that?

AC1 wasn't the wild success EQ or DAoC was. I think that played alot
into AC2's poor showing. AC1 had great game concepts but a poor user
interface.  Movement was jerky and Monster AI always seemed bland.
I think AC1's "success" was the main factor in AC2's failure. That
and the possibility that the market for fantasy based MMO's is just
too saturated.  EQ, EQ2, UO, DAoC, ShadowBane, Horizons soon.
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