[MUD-Dev] Scripting languages

David H. Loeser Jr. daklozar at insightbb.com
Fri Jun 20 18:04:43 New Zealand Standard Time 2003

On Friday, June 20, 2003 12:47 AM Shu-yu Guo wrote

> As a side note, I often notice that many developers try to write
> their own scripting language. That's a great way to express your
> skill, but I doubt some MUD developers can top a language
> development team. Why do so many people try to make their own
> while there are tons of good languages ready to be embedded?

Of course there isn't one answer for this question... but I think
that the number of 'good' language that can be embedded now versus
that of a few years ago might have something to do with it.  It used
to be that if you wanting to provide a scripting mechanism; you had
to code it.  There simply wasn't a viable alternative... Maybe that
is why there are so many different scripting languages now...

I started out creating a scripting language for our team and quickly
realized that it would take much too long to get the library to a
state in which everyone would be able to use it.  On top of that,
with a small team, you can't afford to 'loose' someone for a year
while they lock themselves in a room and code.

With the wide array of choices that are currently available it would
seem that only the craziest of coders would want to take on a
project like this - but the Dungeon Siege team did just that,
creating their own scripting language... who can say what the right
approach is?
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