[MUD-Dev] The Price of Being Male

Daniel.Harman at barclayscapital.com Daniel.Harman at barclayscapital.com
Fri Jun 27 10:14:47 New Zealand Standard Time 2003

From: Rayzam [mailto:rayzam at travellingbard.com]

>   Female Avatars Face Gender Bias Online

>   ....

>   "Specifically, they seem to earn different returns on their time
>   investment.  And any difference in returns has to be due to some
>   cultural factor here, not ability. One such cultural factor is
>   ... the hassle that women go through as part of their courtship
>   role -- being pestered for dates, for example."

Am the only one who feels he's reading too much into this? I thought
it was established that :

  - more males play EQ.

  - in the round, people prefer to play characters of their own

Those two factors seem adequate explanation without making dubious
claims of sexual discrimination.

Let me raise an interesting counterpoint :

  - The most successful entertainers in SWG almost all have female
  avatars (especially the ones who dance around in the
  fountains!). The male ones just don't make as much money.

Now that most certainly *is* sexual discrimination, but what do you
expect from a load of 15 year old boys?!?!

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