[MUD-Dev] Dealing with cloned NPCs

Vincent Archer archer at frmug.org
Mon Jun 30 16:00:46 New Zealand Standard Time 2003

According to Owen Matt:

> Alternatively, Player 2 could have a teamwork attribute, either in
> their character class, or as a toggle. With this attribute
> enabled, ATTACK RAT would automatically assist Player 1, without
> Player 2 having to constantly specify. I'm sure this is how guild
> type teamwork works?  (I'm not an EQ/AC/DAoC type player)

With EQ and DAoC, the "ASSIST" command is used.

You simply do "/assist player1", and you enter combat with the same
target as player1 (provided player1 is in range).

In guild and group teamwork, you have a player which is typically
called "main assist" for that reason. When the aforementioned
players calls out for the attack, then everyone does /assist. In a
couple encounters, this is highly useful, as targets can change
according to tactical situation; the "main assist" will call for the
new target.

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