[MUD-Dev] C# as MUD Language, Linux as platform

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Wed Oct 1 09:00:00 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

From: "Andrew Batyuck" <javaman at mail.ru>

> Have anyone started writing MUD on C#? I like the power of
> language itself, but don't like that .NET runtime is windows-only.
> And one more thing - what are benefits of using linux as MUD
> platform?

There are a few MUDs in C# out there now, but the best gaming
example I've seen is the guys coding RunUO.  It's a Ultima Online
Emulator, and it works great.  If they can code that in C#, then I'd
think a MUD would be less intensive on a per client basis.  Your
write about it sucks the the .Net has to be installed for any .Net
apps to run, but there are open source .net frameworks out there
that run with decent performance on Linux and Mac (I've actually
seen them at a seminar, at MS's local office no less).

I'm using it now as a platform for more of a MMORPG, but my claim to
fame is a changing world, where a player could carve there name in
the sand, ir defoliate a section of forest.  My current goal is more
of an interactive world simulator, where creature eat, move,
reproduce and die, and the world ticks by and evolves with or
without the players.  It's more and exercise in genetics and AI
right now, but it's all in C# and even with the overhead of .Net,
the performance is pretty good...But I've also got a very
distributed model for the engine, and if necessary I can easily
break it into three separate server, plus one per map/zone.
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