[MUD-Dev] BIZ: Who owns my sword?

Crosbie Fitch crosbie at cyberspaceengineers.org
Fri Oct 3 09:33:14 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

From: Jeff Cole
> From: Crosbie Fitch

>> ..., one of the solutions to this would be to erode the entirely
>> artificial feature whereby the player appears to have a lasting
>> and exclusive right to a virtual item in their possession.

> It's not artificial.  The player, through the avatar interface,
> does have exclusive control over the object.  The player, to the
> extent that they don't disclose their account name/password, has
> exclusive access and control over the avatar.  There's no
> "appear"ing involved.  It's not illusory.  The very fact that
> there is real world value demonstrates that.

Remind me. Was it God/nature that wrote the MMOG software or was it
men (through their own artifice)?

Last time I looked, virtual items were quite intangible. It may well
be logical game design to persuade players to treat virtual items as
if they were the player's own personal property, but just because it
appears this way to the player it does not prevent the MMOG provider
from eroding this similarity.

If the law starts saying "If it appears to be player property, it
must be considered player property" then the solution is to stop
making things appear to be player property.
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