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Bo Zimmerman bo at zimmers.net
Sat Oct 4 01:21:29 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

Hello Bruce,

From: Bruce Mitchener
> Bo Zimmerman wrote:
>> From: Amanda Walker

>>> If you're not paying license fees for your back story or
>>> setting, don't need to use absolutely every feature of the
>>> latest Video Force Turbo 9000 video card, etc., why roll your
>>> own engine?

>> Because you can do it better, faster, smarter.  Because the
>> legacy engine is flat and difficult to extend.  Because you have
>> new ideas that don't fit the legacy engine.

> This sounds like a lot of generalization.

I was answering a generalization about why one might write their own
engine.  These are good reasons.

> What're you doing that doesn't fit into a 'legacy' engine? Why is
> any engine that is currently available a 'legacy' engine?

By common usage of the term, I think.  I would not guess a brand new
engine would be called legacy, but as soon as the next brand new one
comes out, I believe the term would apply to the old.  I could be
wrong about that.  If so, feel free to replace the word "legacy"
above with "existing".  My intended meaning would be unchanged.

> Which modern engines have you looked at or considered licensing
> (either open source licensing or commercial licensing)?  How were
> they lacking?

Address the previous reasons I gave for one might roll their own
engine, or don't, as you please.  My own choices are a straw man to
such a discussion as well as 'tu quo que'.

- Bo
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