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Sheela Caur'Lir dstgasey at webhiker.dk
Sat Oct 4 15:15:17 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

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Bruce Mitchener wrote:
> Bo Zimmerman wrote:
>> From: Amanda Walker

>>> If you're not paying license fees for your back story or
>>> setting, don't need to use absolutely every feature of the
>>> latest Video Force Turbo 9000 video card, etc., why roll your
>>> own engine?

>> Because you can do it better, faster, smarter.  Because the
>> legacy engine is flat and difficult to extend.  Because you have
>> new ideas that don't fit the legacy engine.

> This sounds like a lot of generalization.

> What're you doing that doesn't fit into a 'legacy' engine? Why is
> any engine that is currently available a 'legacy' engine?  Which
> modern engines have you looked at or considered licensing (either
> open source licensing or commercial licensing)?  How were they
> lacking?

Mostly because technology have moved so fast recently, that you may
not attract players a year from now, with an engine of yesterday.


Rubies of Eventide is based on the Lithtech engine (www.lithtech.com
for those who are curious about it) and that is an MMOG .. graphical
offcourse. In fact - Quite a few games have the Lithtech engine as
their base and not only MMOG's either. It's somewhat expensive

So it can be done.

And I think it will happen more and more, that games, even the big
ones, will be based on a licenced engine, so the developers can
concentrate no game content to a larger degree.
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