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Ghilardi Filippo ghilardi at dsdata.it
Mon Oct 6 17:45:24 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

From: Sheela Caur'Lir
> Bruce Mitchener wrote:
>> Bo Zimmerman wrote:
>>> From: Amanda Walker

> Rubies of Eventide is based on the Lithtech engine
> (www.lithtech.com for those who are curious about it) and that is
> an MMOG .. graphical offcourse. In fact - Quite a few games have
> the Lithtech engine as their base and not only MMOG's either. It's
> somewhat expensive though.

> So it can be done.

Don't forget NDL's product (www.ndl.com) NetImmerse formerly renamed
and revamped under a new name, GameBryo that had been used in many
products (Single player, Multiplayer, MMO)

I would add that using an externally developed engine you have some
pro's and con's.

Con's that I might see:

  - Cost

  - Not all features you could want are avaible

  - Tied to an external developer

  - Time to understand how the engine works


  - Cost (I don't think that making an engine internally is free of

  - Time as engine is already ready

  - If a new version of the engine is published you could use it to
  revamp your product without too much costs.

  - Dev team more focues on the business than on rendering engine.

Probably final decision depends on business things like evaluation
of personal avaible in house and how many projects could take
advantage of an in house developed engine.

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