[MUD-Dev] Scripting Languages and Magic

Ben Chambers gtg983q at mail.gatech.edu
Thu Oct 9 12:31:49 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

From: Matthew Estes

>> I am attempting to write a new MUD codebase, and I was wondering
>> what people have done as far as magic systems. Specifically, I
>> was thinking of letting the players define spells in a custom
>> scripting language so that new spells could be created on the
>> fly. My question is, has anyone already done this? If so, what
>> pitfalls are there to avoid, and what functionality should I
>> add/subtract? Any input would be helpful on this.

> I have put some thought into this myself. The issue of allowing
> maximal player freedom, while preventing a total lack of balance.

One additional idea to extend on the concept of creating a
spell-writing economy is to make it so that some combinations just
will not work.  Instead they automatically back-fire.  Also, have a
pattern to what things back-fire with what probability so that an
experienced spell-writer will be able to reduce the amount of
back-fires.  These two things would increase the demand for
experienced and knowledgeable spell-writers.
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