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Ben Chambers <gtg983q at mail.gatech.edu> wrote:
> From: Matthew Estes

>> I have put some thought into this myself. The issue of allowing
>> maximal player freedom, while preventing a total lack of balance.

> One additional idea to extend on the concept of creating a
> spell-writing economy is to make it so that some combinations just
> will not work.  

If you dig back in the archives you'll find considerable discussion of
spell systems which semi-attempt natural balance through use mechanics.
The basic pattern as I were making the value of the atoms a spell was
built from, as well as the capability of a spell itself variously be a
function of how many had people used it recently, and/or of how many
people knew it.  It becomes particularly interesting when the power of a
spell scales up linearly with the number of people who know it, but
decreases exponentially with the number who have used it.

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