[MUD-Dev] Scripting Languages and Magic

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Fri Oct 10 20:03:45 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

Kwon J. Ekstrom wrote:

> spells are likely to be wasteful.  Finally, while the system could
> get exceedingly complex, it would have a low learning curve.  I'd
> suggest that 2 ways of casting spells be allowed.  Freeform, and
> aliased.  You could use freeform to experiment with a spell, and
> then alias it once you have it working.

Or you could maintain a per-player list of "most frequently used
spells", and the top X are automatically aliased into 5
quick-command slots. (even better: make the number that are
auto-aliased increase with character skill).

This way, you ensure that each player has a "working set" of spells
they can fire off easily (as a player, not as avatar), corresponding
closely to the ones they practice and/or use in anger most

If a player wants to try and use "a spell for every occasion"
they're going to be screwed when going into a battle situation (or

I suspect it would have beneficial effects on balancing - players
are forced to plan their usage of spells as much as their learning
of them. If you want to max/min before battle, you have to go off
somewhere and "revise" your best battle spells, etc.

Adam M
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